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Why are some things locked?

Well, you get the basic version of the watchface/app totally for free. This watchface can be customized to an extensive degree, the colors of almost all elements (hands, icons, ticks, date,…) can be chosen from the full available color palette, there are choices for all the icons, clock hands and the basic watchface. As making such a complex Watchface is a lot of work which happens only in my spare free time – having a full-time job and a family – these features are only available to donators. When entering a donation code in the settings interface, the customization options are enabled.

To avoid misunderstandings: When purchasing the S donation package, ALL the features (colors, hands, data, watchfaces) that are available in the watch (as well as future additions!) are unlocked and can be used. For the donation Packs M and above, I do not unlock existing content, I create something new! You can then send me a photo, sketch or description of a watch you like, I write the code and include it in the enxt software update.
Also, these rates are not fixed. Some more complex work may not be covered by a standard package, some smaller requests can eventually get implemented for a smaller amount – just contact me!

Available watchface donation packages:

  • Donation S: 2.50€ and above: All customization options are enabled
  • Donation M:10€ and above: I add a small customizeable feature of your desire (e.g. color, visibility of existing element)
  • Donation L: 20€ and above: I add a new design element of your desire (e.g. hand design, font, logo, new icons, custom font…)
  • Donation XXL: 50€ and above: You get your own completely customized watchface (analog or digital), complexity depending on the donation.

Donation codes can be paid with PayPal and acquired via my “donation shop”. Be careful to buy the code for the correct Watchface!
Please contact me also if there are any problems with the store so we can resolve these issues as quick as possible. After the purchase in the shop you get a textfile containing the code for download immediately. If not, please contact me ASAP via connectiq -at- techyodel -dot- com so we can resolve that and I can get you the code as fast as possible.

The advantage of the store is that you get the unlock code right after checkout without waiting. You can also send the donation directly via PayPal to the following address: paypal -at- techyodel -dot- com or via this page: When sending a donation by direct payment please don’t forget to add the name of the watchface/app/… as a comment!

But keep in mind that I have to process direct payments manually which can take up to 1-2 days, depending on how busy I am.
You can also contact me via this address if you have any questions regarding the watchface.

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